Having scientific and intellectual potential, NIPOM develops and offers new solutions complying with special
requirements of large innovative projects.

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Reconstruction of Tyumen CS

In 2015 NIPOM company participated in reconstruction of Tyumen CS SIBURTYUMENGAS installing boards of control station  at the facility in the amount of 20 units.

Project Description

Installation of the station boards included:

  • Development of the project for the supplied equipment;
  • Low-voltage switchgears – 96 cabinets produced by NIPOM JSC;
  • Chief installation of the equipment.


Comprehensive delivery of modern electrotechnical equipment provides for accident-free and reliable power supply of the enterprise’s equipment.

Competences of NIPOM Company

  • Certificate of conformity to the requirements of the customs union for Low-voltage switchgears
  • Declaration of conformity electromagnetic compatibility for Low-voltage switchgears
  • Certificate of conformity of fire safety for Low-voltage switchgears
  • Declaration of conformity with the requirements of the customs union on electromagnetic compatibility for Low-voltage switchgears
  • EC declaration
  • Certificate of compliance seismic resistance of 9 points

SIBUR Holding PJSC, SIBURTYUMENGAS JSC, Tyumen CS (Compressor Station)

Russia, Tyumen Region

Oil Industry