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Design and manufacture of low-voltage switchgears for Power Units 2 and 3 of the Rostov NPP

Since 2009, NIPOM has been participating in the construction of Power Units 2 and 3 of the Rostov NPP of the State Nuclear Corporation Rosatom.

In 2010, NIPOM was chosen the primary contractor for the construction of power units (by NIAEP) as the manufacturer of the main amount of auxiliary low voltage complete devices for Power Unit 3, including Safety Classes 2 and 4 equipment. As part of the construction of the power unit, NIPOM delivered more than 420 modular cabinets of low-voltage switchgears for the auxiliary power supply system.

Commissioning of Power Units 3, 4 is part of the Federal Target Program “Development of the Nuclear Power Generation Complex of Russia in 2007-2010 and up to 2015”

Description of the Project

Together with NIAEP JSC, we successfully conducted interdepartmental testing of LVCD for use in nuclear power plants (including for seismic resistance and electromagnetic compatibility). We delivered more than 420 modular cabinets of low-voltage switchgears manufactured by NIPOM.


Meeting the time limits for the supply of the equipment manufactured by NIPOM enabled to accept Power Unit No. 3 of the Rostov NPP into commercial operation in 2015.

State Corporation Rosatom, NIAEP JSC, Power Unit 3 of the Rostov NPP

Russia, Rostov region

Nuclear power plant