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Expansion of the Unified Gas Supply System to supply gas to the “South Stream” gas pipeline

Since 2002, NIPOM has been participating in programs on upgrade and construction of the facilities of subsidiaries of Gazprom PJSC.

From 2013 to 2015, NIPOM participated in the project of expansion of the Unified Gas Supply System to supply gas to the “South Stream” gas pipeline. Under the project, the company supplied low-voltage complete devices and DC systems.


  • GT Krasnodar – CS Kazachya
  • GT Krasnodar – CS Shakhtinskaya
  • GT Krasnodar – CS Russkaya
  • GT Krasnodar – CS Korenovskaya
  • GT Nizhny Novgorod – CS Pochinki
  • GT Volgograd – CS Volgogradskaya

Description of the Project

The following equipment manufactured by NIPOM has been supplied:

  • low-voltage switchgears (more than 150 cabinets);
  • DC systems: direct-current boards and battery chargers.

Under the project, installation supervision of the supplied equipment was performed.


The integrated supply of modern electric equipment for the facilities of subsidiaries of Gazprom PJSC and maintenance service throughout the life of the equipment with the improvement of the technical characteristics of products that are already delivered provide a trouble-free and reliable power supply, uninterrupted gas transport by the subsidiaries of Gazprom PJSC.

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