Thanks to reliable and high quality equipment of NIPOM, high professionalism of its experts leading Russian
and foreign companies trust us.

Gazprom Transgaz Saint-Petersburg LLC

<...>JSC "NIPOM" showed high efficiency of work and timely fulfillment of obligations to supply, construction, installation and commissioning works. <...>

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<...>"Gazprom transgaz Moscow" LLC shows that the part of the JSC "NIPOM" of the above-mentioned contractual relationships are made in full, and on time. The quality of work performed complies with the requirements established by the legislation of the Russian Federation and the contract concluded.<...>

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Gazprom transgaz Moscow LLC

Yamal LNG

<...>The products of the company fully complies with the specifications and requirements of certification. The specialists of JSC "NIPOM" showed due attention to the completed orders, the Products have been manufactured and delivered within the contractual terms<...>

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<...> From 2005 Slavneft-YaNOS uses the programme of replacement of previously used during 25-30 years exciting systems of synchronous electric engines of 6 kV for exciting devices VTTs-SD-Shch produced by NIPOM JSC. Positive use experience of already installed equipment, positive results of carried out technical audit of production capacities of NIPOM JSC and preliminary working out of correspondence of the manufactured equipment to the Technical Requirements allowed us to stop at NIPOM JSC as a manufacturer and supplier of shield equipment for own need systems and control panels in the course of carrying out reconstruction of GPP-110/35/6 kV. <...>

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Slavneft-Yaroslavnefteorg-sintez JSC

Uralelektromed JSC

<…>Implementation of modern digital triggers of NIPOM (Dzerzhinsk) reduced electric energy consumption by more 5-8% on account of support of cosj1 <…>

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<…> Products of NIPOM JSC successfully passed expert evaluation within the framework of Russian Quality Programme. As a result of that the enterprise took the right to use a Quality Mark of Russian Quality Programme for shields of distribution units of direct current of the type SDC: 220V, 110V, 24V. Successful result of NIPOM participation in Russian Quality program is undoubtedly very serious evidence not only of stable high quality and reliability of the enterprise’s products, but also it testifies of efficient work of its management and team. <…>

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All-Russian Quality Organization

Gazprom Transgaz Nizhny Novgorod LLC

<…> Charging and floating devices of NIPOM JSC correspond to all modern requirements to the devices of this type and represent improved analogous variants of the equipment of leading European manufacturers. Application in the charging and floating devices of NIPOM JSC of high frequency IGBT-invertor allowed for increasing the reliability at simultaneous reduction of mass and dimension <…>

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<…>On 16th September 2015 in accordance with authorization of Rosatom SC (State Corporation) power block No. 3 of Rostov APS was launched into industrial use. We express our gratitude to you and your team for significant contribution to construction and launch of the power block. <…>

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Branch of Rosenergoatom Concern JSC Rostov APS (Atomic Power Station)

SJSC (Subsidiary Joint-Stock Company) Gazproekt--Engineering

<…> Gazproekt-Engineering SJSC expresses its gratitude to employees of Gas Branch Department of Commercial Administration and Engineering Centre of your company for high quality work <…>

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<…> High quality of the supplied products and carried out work, as well as individual approach and prompt solution of all issues of deliveries and technical accompanying of the supplied equipment recommended NIPOM JSC as a reliable supplier. <…>

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Sibur-Neftekhim JSC

Gazprom JSC Volgotransgaz LLC

<…> Implementation of the equipment of NIPOM JSC at compressor stations (CS) of Volgotransgaz LLC allows for keeping more optimum and economic working modes of electric driven gas pumping machines, to increase the level of safety of service personnel and provide for a high degree of unification of basic CS electric equipment <…>

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<…> We express to you and your team our gratitude for prompt and high quality performance of work on technical re-equipment of Distribution Device 6 kV at KOPP JSC. High quality of the delivered products, as well as prompt solution of all issues on delivery and technical accompanying of the equipment recommended NIPOM JSC as a reliable supplier. <…>

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Kuibyshev Oil Processing Plant JSC

Gazprom Transgaz Yugorsk Nadym LPU MG LLC

<…> Experts of NIPOM JSC carried out work on capital repairs of OShchSU KTs-5,6,7. All work was carried out with a high quality and within the established terms in compliance with effective norms, rules and standards. For good faith and attitude towards performance of work, expressed initiative and cooperation with experts of LPUMG in solution of technical matters we especially thank the team of DUSOE of NIPOM JSC. <…>

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<…> In 2008 NIPOM JSC carried out delivery of low voltage equipment.

It is necessary to mention modern technical solutions, individual approach and operative solution of occurring matters on delivery and technical accompanying, high qualification of the enterprise staff. <…>

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Tobolsk-Neftekhim LLC

Dzerzhinsk Orgsteklo JSC

<…>In 2005 at DOS JSC the first digital exciting system of synchronous electric engine was installed produced by NIPOM JSC. Due to implementation of digital exciting system control of exciting current of synchronous engine in different modes became significantly easier, and energy efficiency increased.

DOS JSC thanks the team of NIPOM JSC whose competence and high quality of equipment allows for concentrating our efforts directly on provision of technological processes and not on servicing the systems of excitation. <…>

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<…> From May 2008 digital exciting system VTTs-SG-Shch of turbo generator has been used with the power of 12 MWt. Continuous power saving mode of the enterprise determines high requirements to reliability of the whole basic equipment of TPP. Digital triggers of synchronous generators VTTs-SG-Shch produced by NIPOM JSC correspond to the set requirements. <…>
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Plant n. a. Ya. M. Sverdlov FBE (Federal Budgetary Enterprise)

Ryazan Oil Processing Company CJSC

<...> NIPOM JSC is a supplier of triggers of synchronous electric engines for our enterprise from 2008. The used equipment of NIPOM JSC recommended itself from a positive side, it is reliable in operation, it stands hard use conditions.

Qualified and responsible staff of NIPOM JSC having performed installation and launch of triggers actively participated in mastering of new equipment by staff of ROPC CJSC. <...>

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<…> We thank you and your team for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation in 2012 <…>

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MRSK of Centre and Privolzhye Branch of Nizhnovenergo

<…> Your company designed and installed block complete set transformer substation in a concrete casing (BCTSC) of the type 2BKTPB-400/10/04 kV with high voltage cells of KRUE 8DJ20 type. The installed cells of KRUE 8DJ20 type allowed us to reduce expenses on equipment repairs for transformer substations. Easiness and simplicity of operative switching allowed us within the shortest terms to train the operative staff in working with these KRUE cells. <…>

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<…> From 2004 till present SpetsEnergoRemont LLC carries out purchase of shields of direct and alternating currents produced by NIPOM JSC for the needs of the following facilities: MRSK Holding PJSC, FSK EES PJSC, Gazprom PJSC. During the time of common work NIPOM JSC showed itself as a reliable and qualified manufacturer and supplier of shield equipment. Work on manufacturing of the equipment was carried out within the established time at highly professional level. The equipment showed itself reliable, fail-safe and having high technological parameters. <…>

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SpetsEnergoRemont LLC


<…> Production, scientific and research, technological staff resources of this enterprise allow to successfully solve matters of increase of energy efficiency and energy saving within the framework of comprehensive projects. NAPP recommends NIPOM JSC as a reliable partner <…>

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<…> In 2012 two digital system of excitation of synchronous electric engines produced by NIPOM JSC were delivered to the facilities of Gazprom Dobycha Orenburg LLC. Implementation of the equipment of your enterprise at the facilities of GTP allows to keep more optimum and economically efficient work modes of electric driven machines of technological units U– 331, U – 14, as well as to increase the level of reliability of the used equipment.

Based on positive preceding experience of our cooperation we are planning to further implement the equipment of NIPOM JSC. <…>

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Gazprom Dobycha Orenburg LLC

Nizhnevartovsky GPC LLC

<…> We express our gratitude for operative and high quality performance of work on capital repairs of excitation panels of electric engines. In the course of production works NIPOM JSC fully and within the established term fulfilled its contractual obligations. <…>

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<…> During several years NIPOM JSC carries out delivery of digital systems of excitation of electric engines VTTs-SD-Shch for our enterprise. During the whole use period of the equipment NIPOM JSC has recommended itself for our experts only from a positive side. Application of modern technologies and innovative solutions in it allows for reducing expenses of our enterprise for service of electric equipment. <…>

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RN-Yuganskneftegaz LLC

Slavneft-Megionneftegaz JSC

<…> At CPS (Cluster Pump Station) of our enterprise VTTs-Sd-Shch produced by NIPOM JSC Dzerzhinsk was installed. During the time of using this equipment no failures and drawbacks were discovered, this device of excitation recommended itself as a reliable and high technology equipment. Delivery and supervising installation of the equipment was carried out at the highest professional level, experts of NIPOM JSC showed themselves as responsible, competent and open staff. With application of VTTs use is significantly simpler, the volume and cost of equipment of synchronous engines triggers is reduced. <…>

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