Many years of successful experience of deliveries in various industries allow NIPOM to guarantee to its customer
reliability and safety of power supply of the facility.

NIPOM has many years of experience in equipment delivery and rendering services for the companies of different industries. Our customers trust us from the point of view of work in innovative projects, common SRECD (Scientific Research Experiment and Construction Developments) of products and solutions. Rich experience of NIPOM working with various enterprises and holding grants the possibility of exchanging innovative solutions between the customers

Gas industry


Oil sector

Electrical energy industry


Metallurgy. Mining industry

Cementing industry


Production facilities


and others

The equipment deliveries were also carried out to such companies as Synthesis Group, Caspian Pipeline Consortium, Mazheiko Nafta (Lithuania), LiNOS (Ukraine), SpetsEnergoRemont CJSC, ENERGY INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LLC and others.