Priority of NIPOM’s activity is to Solve the Crucial Tasks in the Oil and Gas Industry

9 October 2017

The major event in the oil and gas industry – the VII Saint-Petersburg International Gas Forum (PMGF-2017) completed in Saint-Petersburg. More than 4500 delegates from 43 countries participated in the Forum held within the period from October 3 to October 6 in the area of Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Center. During PMGF-2017, the VI International Congress of Specialists of the Oil and Gas Industry took place, which included over 90 events on discussing the prospects and priority directions of the oil and gas industry development.

NIPOM successfully participates in this Forum on a permanent basis and traditionally provides challenging modified and advanced developments:

  • Universal packaged cubicle switchboard (KRU-6(10) kW), 93% of it consists of Russian components, which contributes a lot to the import substitution program in the oil and gas industry; 
  • Low-voltage complete device (NKU-0,4 kW) based on compound structural design, which allows using both of pull-out modules and permanently installed assemblies of switching equipment at the same time;
  • Operative current cabinet (ШОТ УМ) with inverter, which is developed using original NIPOM developments that have no comparable counterparts and supersede all existing solutions for uninterruptable power supply to consumers with regard to technical capabilities;
  • Model of a  complete indoor substation 35 (110) kW (KZPS) based on a unified modules and a video on construction of the first full-scale model of a substation KZPS 35 (11) kWseries.

The exposition visitors were consulted by NIPOM specialists on technical and technological issues, studied up on powerful capabilities of the company, new and prospective business directions.

As a result of the meetings and negotiations carried out, a strong demand in NIPOM challenging developments in the oil and gas industry was confirmed. As for several projects, agreements on implementation of joint research and development projects and other projects were reached.

Thank you for your interest in our company and we are looking forward to further effective cooperation!

For reference:
The VII Saint-Petersburg International Gas Forum became a part of the International Forum on Energy Efficiency and Energy Development “Russian Energy Week”.

“Russian Energy Week” is aimed at discussing the current global energy agenda, identifying areas for the development of the main sectors of the oil and gas industry, and searching for optimal solutions to respond to existing challenges.

PMGF-2017 was held with participation of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, as well as with support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the State Duma Committee on Energy, the Saint-Petersburg Government, the Russian Gas Society, the National Association of Oil and Gas Services, the National Gas Engine Consortium of Italy (NGV Italy). General partner – Gazprom.

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