Participation of NIPOM in the meeting of SO UPS JSC and B5 RNC CIGRE

13 April 2018

On April 12, 2018, System Operator and Relay Protection and Automation Subcommittee of RNC CIGRE B5 with informational support of Digital Substation magazine held a technical meeting on the conceptual issues related to development of relay protection and automation.

The meeting was held as a part of the national project named “Development and Introduction of Digital Electrical Substations and Stations at Newly Constructed and Reconstructed Energy Facilities”.

NIPOM took an active part in the meeting and delivered a report on the topic “Engineering Solutions for the DSS Technology”. In his speech, V.M. Zinin, Director of the Division of Advanced Developments, presented details of the Company's approach to the creation of digital substations with in-house RPA. The distinctive features of RPA from NIPOM, which underwent functional testing in March 2018 at R&D CENTER @FGC UES, JSC, is the construction of computer aided RPA devices matching the current regulatory framework of Rosseti PJSC and FGC UEC PJSC and future digital substations of various types (centralized, decentralized, mixed, hybrid ones, etc.).

The final report of the meeting of representatives of CIGRE RNС B5 Subcommittee A.A. Voloshin and A.V. Zhukov “Requirements for DSS Technologies” emphasized that the architecture of RPA made by NIPOM was promising for use at power facilities of the Russian Federation.

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