NIPOM on the city day of Dzerzhinsk

4 June 2018

On Saturday, 26 May, the city of Dzerzhinsk celebrated its 88 anniversary and the Chemist's Day. Traditionally, NIPOM took part in an organized parade and filed in a column in the solemn procession of the leading enterprises of the city. The most active and valiant employees marched under the brand flags of the company.

70 companies and organizations received honorary diplomas and awards from the regional government and the Legislative Assembly of the Nizhny Novgorod Region.

The best employees of the company were awarded for many years’ conscientious work, high achievements in the professional activity and a substantial contribution to the development of the city:

  • The Honorary Diploma of the Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region was awarded to Aleksandr Vasilievich Khazov.

  • The certificate of honor of the administration of Dzerzhinsk was awarded to Valery Vladlenovich Salkov and Natalia Nikolaevna Titova.

  • The certificate of honor of the city of Dzerzhinsk was awarded to Konstantin Vladimirovich Dvorovoy.

NIPOM electric equipment plant is a principal employer and mainstay of Dzerzhinsk. The company’s innovative and energy-efficient equipment provides a reliable power supply of industrial enterprises and cities.

We heartily congratulate our employees on well-deserved awards, and all the inhabitants of Dzerzhinsk on the holiday!

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