25 December 2017

Every year, on New Year’s Eve JSC NIPOM shares its key results and success of the passing year with public.

NIPOM supports its clients’ striving for innovative solutions and enforces them by its challenging developments. In 2017, the company carried out a huge work to implement innovative technologies and products:

  • mass production of modular packaged power installations BKEU-VSM series was started;
  • mass production of relay protection and automation devices designed for the complex protection system of main substation equipment in substations with voltage class 110-220 Kw in the cybersecurity design using advanced signal processing algorithmes and frontend interface in compliance with IEC 61850 standard. Pilot operation is arranged for relay protection and automation equipment of electric transmission lines 110-220 kW (Sunstation 110-220 kW in the Nizhny Novgorod Region);
  • • NIPOM became the first to develop modular design of substations. In June 2017, construction of a full-scale demonstration model of a block modules part of the building (KZPS 110(35) kW) was finished at Modular Equipment Production Plant. It was a strategic decision, because a construction technology was perfected in the course of installation, production processes were adjusted, inaccuracies in engineering documentation were identified and eliminated, the assembly process was perfected too;

In order to enhance reliability, working efficiency and reduce the clients’ expenses for repair and maintenance, as well as to meet new requirements of the clients, NIPOM specialists modernized and carried out successful testing of several products manufactured:

Pilot project on “Diagnostics of contact heating” with the display on the controller type PLK (programmable logic controller) 110-24.60 and on the upper level of ASU (automated control system) via channel RS-495 using protocol Modbus RTU was presented at  Neftegaz-2017 exhibition.

In order to start mass production of new products, production release capacities are doubled while personnel number is increased by 1.6 times and the production space is not expanded at theModular Equipment Production Plant.

Development of the equipment autonomous maintenance system and integrated quality system, as well as optimization of production processes allow increasing the working efficiency, quality and competitiveness of the products manufactured at the  Electric Equipment Plant and the Modular Equipment Production Plant.

Over 16 years of work in the electric energy market, NIPOM has supplied, installed and adjusted more than 16,000 items of equipment within the territory of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries. In 2017, NIPOM extended sales geography and assortment, participated in several huge and country-significant projects.

  • Participation in the reconstruction and construction of the water-brine complex facilities

Site: LLC Kaliningrad Underground Gas Storage Facility.

Project description: Manufacture and start-up of NKU (low-voltage switchgears).

Order features: Strategically valuable project on the object self-contained power supply.

Project features: Construction of the Kaliningrad Underground Gas Storage Facility (PKhG) is a part of large work on provision of energy security, gas supply development and gas infrastructure development in the region. Implementation of this project will allow increasing considerably the level of usable capacity of the storage facility up to 800 million cubic meters.

  • Participation in the gas reservoir development at the territory of the largest oil, gas and condensate field in the eastern Russia in the course of the mega Eastern Gas Program project

Site: Chayandinskoye Oil, Gas and Condensate Field (NKGM) (Yakutia).

Project description: Manufacture and start-up of NKU (low-voltage switchgears) and SPT (fire-fighting station).

Order features: The largest investment project of Yakutia Gas Production Center.

Project features: Chayandinskoye Oil, Gas and Condensate Field (NKGM) serves as a basis for the gas production center and the resource basis for the “Power of Siberia” gas pipeline. Field development will create all the necessary conditions for gas supply and gas infrastructure development of Yakutia localities and other regions of the Far East.

  • Participation in the development of an “alternative scheme” of liquid hydrocarbon transportation in the Nadim-Pur-Taz Region

Site: Oil and Condensate Pipeline “Urengoy – Pur-Pe” and “Urengoy Oil Pump Station”.

Project description: Participation in the construction of power supply facilities: design, manufacture and start-up of KTP (packaged transformer substation), NKU (low-voltage switchgears), SPT (fire-fighting station).

Order features: The largest KTP supply in 2017.

Project features: These projects implementation will allow increasing considerably the level of production and transportation of liquid hydrocarbons in the Nadim-Pur-Taz Region because of oil fringes of oil, gas and condensate fields and the Achimov deposits of gas and condensate fields of the Urengoy field. Pipeline flow rate will make 5 million tons of oil per year, its length is 113 km.

  • Participation in the reconstruction of compressor stations in the course of the reliability improvement program of Russian regions gas supply

Site: “Novgorodskaya” Gas Pipeline Management Directorate, “Novgorod” Compressor station

Project description: Design, manufacture and start-up of KTP (packaged transformer substation), NKU (low-voltage switchgear).

Order features: Gas transportation system serviced by LLC Gazprom Transgaz Saint-Petersburg provides the consumers with 137 milliard cubic meters of hydrocarbon crude and fuel per year. The company services over 10 thousand kilometers of gas pipelines, 241 gas distribution stations, and 32 compressor stations with 192 gas pump units with total power over 1795 MW.

In 2015, NIPOM successfully obtained Ready for Business supplier status, which enables the company to participate in international projects of Siemens AG corporation. In 2017, NIPOM implemented 2 large projects on NKU (low-voltage switchgears) production based on Sivacon S8 licensed constructive, totaling 411 cabinets.

  • Participation in the construction of Usolsky Potash Plant for development of the largest field in the world

Site: Usolsky Potash Plant (Verkhnekamskoye field, the Perm Territory).

Project description: Manufacture of RUNN KTP (low-voltage switchgears of the packaged transformer substation) (98 cabinets) and SchSU (power control board) (224 cabinets), based on Sivacon S8 licensed constructive.

Project features: Start-up of four production lines with total capacity of 2.3 million tons of potash per year is planned for the 3rd quarter of 2018.

  • Participation in the construction of ZapSibNeftekhim, the largest modern petrochemical complex in Russia.

Site: LLC ZapSibNeftekhim, Tobolsk

Project description: Manufacture and supply of NKU (low-voltage switchgears) (89 cabinets), based on Sivacon S8 licensed constructive.

Project features: The future plant area is 460 ha. The area is enough to place 190 largest ocean liners on it.

NIPOM extended the list of the products supplied. In 2016, at the request of PJSC Transneft, NIPOM developed and tested an integrated installation based on packaged transformer substations with DDG reserve power source and video surveillance. In 2017, NIPOM supplied it for the first time to PJSC Transneft.

  • Provision of reliable electric power supply of beach valve of Buguruslan-Syzran trunk line submerged crossing

Site: JSC Transneft – Privolga, “Samarskoe” District Oil Pipeline Management, Buguruslan-Syzran trunk line submerged crossing

Project description: Design, manufacture and start-up of integrated installations based on packaged transformer substations with DDG reserve power source (2 pcs.), video surveillance system.

Project features: Work was carried out in the course of technical re-equipment and reconstruction program (TPiR) for 2017. The goal is to increase reliability of pipeline operation. Oil transportation via trunk lines was resumed within the terms stated by the schedule.

Over 6 years, NIPOM has been implementing the automated process control system and the system of energy consumption management, forming the basis of Industry 4.0.

  • In 2017, NIPOM participated in the final stage of pilot operation of a new production facility of concentrated sulfuric acid with the estimated capacity at the Plant n.a. Ya.M. Sverdlov (Dzerzhinsk). The obsolete production facility was closed, which allowed reducing sulfur dioxide and nitrobenzene emissions.
  • NIPOM is currently implementing an automated system of energy resources metering to the enterprises of the international group of companies Knauf situated in Krasnogorsk and Nizhny Novgorod.

Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 28, 2017 approves the “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” Program, including, among others, a disposition on adoption of the automated digital production controled by intellectual systems on-line with non-stop interaction with the external environment and overrunning one enterprise with prospect for industrial networking (Industry 4.0).

The most important resource to achieve the goals set by the company and, at the same time, its competitive advantage is a developed social and labor politic that provides NIPOM attractiveness both as a scientific partner and as a good employer. NIPOM interacts intensively with institutions and organizations that deal with occupational guidance:

  • in order to extend opportunities on new knowledge and technologies exchange in the course of advanced training for specialists of grid and electric companies and professors, NIPOM employees held 2-week training on the subject “Modern Microprocessor Devices of Relay Protection and Automation and Emergency Automation Equipment” at Kazan State Power Engineering University;

  • 28 students of dedicated specialties from the Dzerzhinsk Branch of Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University n.a. R.E. Alekseev, Nizhny Novgorod Aviation Technical College, etc. got the internship in the course of involvement and training of young specialists;
  • excursion on the subject of occupational guidance was held for the students of dedicated faculties of the Dzerzhinsk Branch of Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University n.a. R.E. Alekseev;

  • In order to heighten the interest in energetic and train prospective qualified young specialists interest, NIPOM pays great attention to interaction with children. An interactive excursion on the subject of occupational guidance was held for children under 6-12 years from Family education center UNIK”.

Experienced and solid team is the main value of the company:

  • “For long dedicated service, high results achievement in the professional activity”, 14 NIPOM employees were awarded by the local and regional government by letters of appreciation and diplomas issued by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Entrepreneurship of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, the Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, and the Dzerzhinsk Administration;
  • In order to upgrade qualification and skills of the employees: 98 employees were trained on 35 subjects; professional skill competitions were held.

The company’s success in achievement of strategic goals of 2017 came true due to intense interaction of all business units, proper management at every stage of the project implementation, successful integration of new technologies and products, and highly professional team.

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