NIPOM builds power supply facilities of Tambov Bacon

16 April 2018

Since 2017, NIPOM has been taking part in the project for the Construction of Extension 2 of the Pig-Breeding Complex for Growing and Fattening Pigs in the Tambov Region for Tambov Bacon LLC (Rusagro Group).

In order for Tambov Bacon to achieve its design capacity, NIPOM built BKTP-35/0.4 kV packaged transformer substations in metal shells with diesel power stations at 12 sites of the company.

The construction included:

  • designing;
  • manufacture;
  • delivery;
  • construction and installation work;
  • start-up and commissioning.

After a successful acceptance by the customer, the first delivery of BKTPM 1000 35/0.4 substations took place in March 2018 for the facilities of Maryevsky-2 Commercial Sow Farm in the Sampursky district and of Lipovsky-2 Commercial Sow Farm in the Zherdevsky district of the Tambov Region. The substations were delivered ready-to-operate, installed and mounted on the foundation.

Currently, along with the manufacture of substations for other sites of Tambov Bacon, installation and electrical installation work is being carried out at the mounted substations: hermetic sealing of the block boxes, installation of intra-block control and power cables.

Tambov Bacon LLC is a subsidiary of Rusagro Group, a powerful agricultural holding company that operates in several areas of agribusiness: sugar, livestock breeding, crop production, meat, butter and fat production. Tambov Bacon, this are 25 pork production sites, a compound feedstuff complex (feedstuff mill and elevator), slaughter unit and meat processing. The project has been developing in the Zherdevsky, Znamensky, Sampursky and Tambovsky districts since 2010. The production capacity is 115 thousand tons of pork per year on a live weight basis.

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