The scientific and technical potential and the high responsibility of the company that has kept up the traditions of the defense industry,
the importance and significance of the decisions have defined the main priorities of the company.

1955 – 2001

The industrial enterprise developed automated control systems for the manufacture of explosives. The developments were put into production and were successfully operated during many years.

2001 – 2005

Received an order for technical modernization of the enterprises of Gazprom, PJC – replace analog excitation systems of synchronous machines to digital devices. It began active development of the company in the direction of electrical production.

  • Issue of a new development is mastered – the first in Russia digital trigger of synchronous engines (VTTs) at that moment. The patent is received
  • Issue of new products is mastered: direct current boards (DCB), low voltage complete devices (LVCD)
  • System of control over resistance of isolation of direct current network is worked out and patented

2006 – 2010

A large number of orders and the growing demand for functional characteristics of equipment upgrade required the rapid development of production base and expanding product line. Develop new technical solutions for power supply systems of Gazprom, Rosneft, Rosatom, Sibur Holding, mining and cement complexes.

  • Issue of the new development is mastered – charging-floating rectifier (CFR)
  • Mastered licensed production license of electrical equipment for voltage up to 24 kV
  • Production of structural element of LVCD is mastered based on the first international license Logstrup (Denmark)
  • Production of seismic resistant LVCD is mastered for atomic stations Production in accordance with the world’s first license for a new development of Siemens AG company is mastered – modern LVCD structural element Sivacon S8

2011 – 2013

  • Opinion on successful passing of Rosseti, JSC attestation is received for IC (Internal Consumption), DCB, LVCD
  • Four products – FGP (Fiberglass Pipes), VTTs, LVCD and power management system – became the winners of 100 Best Russian Products Programme

2014 – 2015

  • Declarations of conformity to European quality standards are received for four types of power equipment, including those for IC, DCB, LVCD
  • Production of new developments is mastered: distribution units of average voltage SC (Switch Cabinet) Freecon, casings of cabinets for installation of low voltage instruments and electric mounting, digital relay protection and automation (RPA) 110-220 kV
  • A new development – SC – became the winner of 100 Best Russian Products programme
  • LVCD and distribution network isolation monitoring device (MIRS-NT) were granted medals at the International Inventions Fair “SIIF – 2013” (Seoul, Republic of Korea)
  • LVCD and MIRS-NT became the winners at International Inventions Fair INVENTIONS GENEVA (Geneva, Switzerland)

2016 – 2017

  • Production of new developments is mastered: uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), operative DC cabinets (ODCC)
  • Accumulator battery manager (ABM) is worked out and patented. A serial production has been mastered
  • Useful model patent is received and production of the direct current voltage stabilization device (VR) is mastered
  • The mechanism incorporating a modular circuit breaker is patented and mastered in production
  • We developed a 110-220 kV RPA equipment line under IEC 61850, which is capable of being applied within a DSS.
  • The company sent the first supply of RPA ETL for a pilot operation at existing 110/35/10 SS